Monday, October 31, 2005

Oscillococcinum is not vegan

Now that the weather's getting cold (at least in where I live), it's time for me to post a reminder that Oscillococcinum, a popular homeopathic remedy, is not vegan. It contains duck heart and liver.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time to think about euthanasia

Jellybean (my betta fish) has been sick for some time now, and today he's looking really bad. On Saturday, he looked constipated again (bulging in front of the anus--but that could also be another tumour) so I'm trying the standard treatment of fasting for a few days and then feeding pieces of a cooked pea (for fibre), which really helped last time. But this time not only is he spending virtually all of his time lying at the bottom of the tank, he is having trouble swimming. When he comes up for air, he has trouble staying upright, sort of staggering all over the place, as though maybe his swim bladder has been affected.

It really looks like the time for euthanasia will be soon (if it hasn't come already). I hate the thought, and my son got furious when I explained that I will have the euthanize Jellybean soon, and what that means. He says I can't because I'm a vegan, and vegans don't kill animals. He wants Jellybean to die "normally".

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has had to make the euthanasia decision; I've had to make that choice once before. It doesn't get any less painful.

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Thursday, April 7, 2005

When the tank is ready, the betta will appear

I've had a divided 10 gallon tank set up for months now, in the hopes of rescuing another couple of bettas.

Today my landlord gave me her brother-in-law's betta, which she described as half dead because "he forgot to change the water" (the water was full of debris).

Nicky has named the new betta Red Licorice, because of his colour and because Nicky likes candy (our first betta is called Jellybean). Red Licorice is noticeably smaller than Jellybean, I don't know if he is a lot younger, or if it's because of the conditions he was living in.

Unfortunately my digital camera is not working tonight and in any case my site is down so I have nowhere to host the image. :(

Anyway, please join me in welcoming Red Licorice!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Rejected by

I wanted to become a bookstore affiliate and maybe make a bit of money off some book reviews on my website. I am boycotting until they stop selling foie gras, so I decided to go with

Here's the reply from Performics (who runs their affiliate programme).

To Rosemary,

Thank you for your interest in the Performics Affiliate Program. At this time we cannot approve your application because of at least ONE of the following reasons:

1. At this time we do not see an appropriate fit with your site and our network of Clients.
2. We were unable to access and review your site from the URL provided in your application, or the site was incomplete.
3. Your site includes adult-related and/or pornographic content.
4. There is religious content on your site.

It is our policy to fully review each site before approval into our network. Please feel free to re-apply after you have made the necessary adjustments to your site.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at


Performics Affiliate Network...powered by ConnectCommerce

I guess maybe the milk porn image on this page got me in trouble? (Even though it is no more explicit that the Ontario Milk Marketing Board picture on the same page which appeared all over public transit...) Or maybe it was the religious content?

Either way, it seems dumb to reject me for these reasons when sells sexually explicit books and religious books.

Oh well, it's their loss. I'm applying for Barnes and Noble next.

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Friday, April 1, 2005

My betta is sick

Today I was horrified to see that my betta, Jellybean, has a horribly swollen abdomen. He had been moping around at the bottom of the tank more than usual for the last week or so, but he was still eating well and the water tested okay so I was hoping it was nothing.

My poor little baby...

From what I've read, it could be constipation, or a tumour. I really hope it is just constipation. I recently started using a different betta food because the store was out of the kind I usually get. I hope that's all the problem is. But he is about 2 years old, which is the usual lifespan for bettas though some have lived up to 5 years.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Blaming mother

As a single mom, not by choice, it has long irked me the way the media constantly blather about the problems suffered by children of single mothers, as though it is the mothers who are lacking, and not the fathers who abandoned their responsibilities in the first place.

For example, I recently attempted to read The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian, a book about parenting boys which apparently is intended for families in some parallel universe, where the chief problem experienced by boys is that they expected to act like (stereotypical) girls. (The solution is to accept their stereotypical boy qualities. Of course this doesn't seem to have much application for the universe I live in, where stereotypical boy qualities are not just accepted, they are often forced onto boys, and woe betide the boy who is sensitive, or likes ballet, or otherwise transgresses against the "boy code", as Elaine Aron put it.)

Gurian tries to be nice to us poor single moms, but his attitude is, sorry ladies, you haven't got what it takes. No where (as far as I can tell; I didn't finish the book) does he take the absent fathers to task for their actions (or inaction) which affect their children.

Of course, Gurian's approach is pretty standard these days. But CTV reached a new nadir today in mother blaming.

On March 6, Alnoor Amarsi threw his daugher Inara off a bridge before jumping after her to his death. Incredibly, Inara survived, though she is still in critical condition. In his suicide notes, he said he was going to kill Inara because he hated his estranged wife, Shamsha Amarsi.

To me, it's pretty obvious which is the problem parent here (duh). But evidently not to someone on the news staff, who wrote:

Earlier this month, CTV News Toronto reported that the incident started when the 48-year-old man asked his estranged wife for more time with their daughter.
She said no. That appeared to trigger the tragic chain of events—one which he had apparently threatened before.

Ah. So despite appearances, it was mom's fault that Inara was dropped off a bridge. I guess she shouldn't have selfishly refused to let dad spend more time with the kid. So what if he had already threatened to kill Inara before? Fathers have rights, you know.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Today I succumbed to temptation and put Google Ads on my site.

Of course, because of the way the ads are chosen, some of them contradict my views.

The worst one is, however, is for guillotines to kill lab animals

They sell two models: a small one for rats and mice, and a larger one which will also handle cats, rabbits, and "larger subjects". And they invite vivs to ask them to custom make an even larger model!

Well, I'm hoping that these dumb ads will help bring out why vivisection is bad.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Today is Shrove Tuesday

A great excuse to make pancakes for supper!

Here's my method:

Put a cup of flour or so into a liquid measuring cup.
Add a heaping spoonful of baking soda and a smidgen of salt.
Add enough soydrink to make into a batter. Thick batter=thick pancakes, thin batter=thin pancakes.
Heat frying pan on low, put in a blob of margarine, then pour on the desired amount of batter. Flip the pancakes when the top looks dry.
I add more margarine each time I pour in more batter.
Serve with real maple syrup.

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