Thursday, April 7, 2005

When the tank is ready, the betta will appear

I've had a divided 10 gallon tank set up for months now, in the hopes of rescuing another couple of bettas.

Today my landlord gave me her brother-in-law's betta, which she described as half dead because "he forgot to change the water" (the water was full of debris).

Nicky has named the new betta Red Licorice, because of his colour and because Nicky likes candy (our first betta is called Jellybean). Red Licorice is noticeably smaller than Jellybean, I don't know if he is a lot younger, or if it's because of the conditions he was living in.

Unfortunately my digital camera is not working tonight and in any case my site is down so I have nowhere to host the image. :(

Anyway, please join me in welcoming Red Licorice!

Originally posted on the late great Vegan Porn.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Rejected by

I wanted to become a bookstore affiliate and maybe make a bit of money off some book reviews on my website. I am boycotting until they stop selling foie gras, so I decided to go with

Here's the reply from Performics (who runs their affiliate programme).

To Rosemary,

Thank you for your interest in the Performics Affiliate Program. At this time we cannot approve your application because of at least ONE of the following reasons:

1. At this time we do not see an appropriate fit with your site and our network of Clients.
2. We were unable to access and review your site from the URL provided in your application, or the site was incomplete.
3. Your site includes adult-related and/or pornographic content.
4. There is religious content on your site.

It is our policy to fully review each site before approval into our network. Please feel free to re-apply after you have made the necessary adjustments to your site.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at


Performics Affiliate Network...powered by ConnectCommerce

I guess maybe the milk porn image on this page got me in trouble? (Even though it is no more explicit that the Ontario Milk Marketing Board picture on the same page which appeared all over public transit...) Or maybe it was the religious content?

Either way, it seems dumb to reject me for these reasons when sells sexually explicit books and religious books.

Oh well, it's their loss. I'm applying for Barnes and Noble next.

Originally posted on the late great Vegan Porn.

Friday, April 1, 2005

My betta is sick

Today I was horrified to see that my betta, Jellybean, has a horribly swollen abdomen. He had been moping around at the bottom of the tank more than usual for the last week or so, but he was still eating well and the water tested okay so I was hoping it was nothing.

My poor little baby...

From what I've read, it could be constipation, or a tumour. I really hope it is just constipation. I recently started using a different betta food because the store was out of the kind I usually get. I hope that's all the problem is. But he is about 2 years old, which is the usual lifespan for bettas though some have lived up to 5 years.

Originally posted on the late great Vegan Porn.